Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
BALLARD, BernadetteWomen musicians in late 18th-century LondonMMusUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2005
BARKER, J.W.Max Reger and the orchestraPhDUniversity of Adelaidewithdrawn 1967
BERGIN, A.M.The music of Giovanni Rovetta (?-1668)MAUniversity of Otagowithdrawn 1968
BUTCHER, KathyAn investigation into the role of eclectic music therapy as a possible treatment for pre-adolescent children with anxiety disorder.M.PhilUniversity of Queenslandwithdrawn 2008
CASHMAN, David W.Text and music in the songs of troubadours of generation III (1160-1210)PhDUniversity of Sydneywithdrawn c.2007
CLARK, Jodi R.The songs of Henry Handel RichardsonMMusMonash Universitywithdrawn c.2005
CONSTANTINO, R.An approach to the language of music through the relationship of poetic texts to song writingPhDUniversity of Sydneywithdrawn 1968
Davies, P.The repertoire of chamber music for wind instrumentsMMusUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn 1968
de KORTE, JeremyMiddle school students' engagement in Victorian community brass and concert bands PhDMonash UniversityWithdrawn 2011
DIXON, H.Motets in the 15th centuryMAUniversity of Sydneywithdrawn 1968
DRABER, ChristopherThe chamber music of Brahms presents an unusual array of progressive features disguised in a veil of conservatismMAMonash Universitywithdrawn c.2005
EVANS, W.The fortepiano in the 18th centuryMMusUniversity of Sydneywithdrawn 1968
GLYNN, G.The atonal works of Arnold SchoenbergMAUniversity of Sydneywithdrawn 1968
HAMILTON, VivienThe French cantata and French vocal performance of eighteenth century FranceMMusUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2006
LE, Duy Ngoc LinhMon traditional musicMAMonash Universitywithdrawn
MARLOW, LornaSpirituality of rock music for young peoplePhDMonash Universitywithdrawn
McLENNAN, Isobel J.Concepts of women patrons of music in the RenaissancePhDMonash Universitywithdrawn
McNAB, MichaelThe employment and use of instrumental musicians or ministriles in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuryMMusUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2006
MILLER, D.G.The linguistic implications of Messiaen's musicMAUniversity of Sydneywithdrawn 1968
Moyle, Alice M.A comparative study of the metrical structure of North Australian Aboriginal songsPhDMonash Universitywithdrawn 1969
MUIR, MartinThe exposition, delineation and social impact of character in twentieth century opera: a comparative study of Alban Berg's Wozzeck and Larry Sitsky's The GolemMMusAustralian National Universitywithdrawn c.2006
MURPHY, M.S.The use of handplucked instruments in the continuo body of the 17th and 18th centuriesMAUniversity of Sydneywithdrawn 1968
PAYNE, ChristopherTowards a morphology of rock: considerations in stylistic analysisPhDMonash Universitywithdrawn c.2005
PENDER, GraemeA study of the original Graeme Bell jazz band and its influence upon other jazz bands in Australia during the 1940s and 1950sPhDMonash Universitywithdrawn c.2005
PETHERICK, BruceOrchestration treatises of the 19th and early 20th centuriesMMusUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2006
RAE, S.A study of some modern techniques in choral compositionMMusUniversity of Sydneywithdrawn 1968
SEREBRIANIK, DmitryThe European trumpet in the 19th century: history and developmentMAMonash Universitywithdrawn c.2005
SONEGO, AnthonyAn investigation of the effect of instrumental design and the impact it has had on musical performance for the synthesizerMMusUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2006
SPINK, I.W.A.The stylistic development of English song between 1620 and 1680PhDUniversity of Sydneywithdrawn 1968
THOMPSON, L.Australian symphonic film score composition during the 1950s and 1960sPhDUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2005
TSOU, Nan ChienChopin's Preludes opus 28: Historical context, performance practice, and pedagogical implicationsPhDMonash Universitywithdrawn c.2005
VAN DER MEULEN, S.Empfindsamkeit in the music of the eighteenth century.PhDUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2005
WALLWORK, JoanneSchools of violin technique and their common and relative meritsPhDMonash Universitywithdrawn
WERETKA, JohnFour settings of Metastasio's Siroe: did a musico-dramatic theory exist in the Baroque period?MMusUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2005
WICKES, L.The music theatre of Franz SchreckerPhDUniversity of Adelaidewithdrawn 1968
YARDLEY, DuncanDavid del Tredici and the curse of tonalityMAMonash Universitywithdrawn c.2006
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