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AnonPianists Perspectives of the Stuart and Sons PianoMMusGriffith Universityin progress (2005)
AnonOrigins and defining characteristics of the mezzo-soprano voice classificationMCAUniversity of Wollongongin progress (NiC08/07)
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DENT, Lachlan JamesThe application of the pedagogy of Evangeline Benedetti and Christopher Bunting to the performance of Grieg’s Sonata in A minor for cello and piano, and Carl Vine’s Inner World for cello and pre-recorded CDPhDMonash University2015
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HILL, MatthewHit scrape click drag : analysis and application of compositional methodologies at the intersection of conserved and emergent technologiesPhDJames Cook University2007301 + CD Rom + DVD
HUNT, Kevin PatrickPerceptions of the Stuart &​ Sons Piano Sound: Realising a creative, active visionPhDUniversity of Sydney2016
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MARSH, NicholasThe decline of speech surrogacy in Cuban bàtá drummingMMusUniversity of Auckland2013111
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MING-HUI, MaA comparison between Chinese "pipa" and Indian "Sitar" in contemporary performancePhDUniversity of Sydney2013351 + CD + DVD
MOORE, RobertComputer recognition of musical instruments [electronic resource] : an examination of within class classificationPhDVictoria University (Vic. Australia)2007201
MORGAN, Craig AshleyThe Use of Virtual Instruments by Australian Screen ComposersPhDUniversity of Sydney2016
MUMFORD, Monte HiltonThe development of the trombone as an ensemble instrument during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries MMusUniversity of Tasmania198788
MURPHY, JimExpressive Musical Robots : Building, Evaluating, and Interfacing with an Ensemble of Mechatronic Instruments PhDVictoria University of Wellington2014
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PANAGAKIS, ConnieThe influence of vocal tract configurations on the resonance balance of the singing voiceMAMonash University1999193
RABINOVICI, AlisonA history of horned strings : organology and early sound recording 1899-1945 MMUniversity of Melbourne2010187
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