Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
AGGETT, CathyAustralian art song: Pedagogical strategies for singers and singing teachers (working title)PhDUniversity of Western SydneyIn Progress (2005)
AGNEW, MelissaConsciousness of voice in the Australian theatre from the new wave to the new millennium PhDUniversity of Sydney2002378
AGOSTINELLI, JosephineTradition and innovation in Percy Grainger's Ramble on Strauss's The rose-bearer (1927) : the performer's role in interpreting this transcription in relation to the specific Graingerisms used MA (perf)Monash University200567
AHLERS, TherèseIntonation: a Survey of Pedagogical Methods and Beliefs of Cello TeachersM.EdUniversity of Canterburyin progress (2007)
ALLAN, David A.The problems and development of chordal and polyphonic technique in violin playing, 1650 to the late eighteenth centuryPhDLaTrobe University2001229
ALLAN, MiriamBeyond a Beautiful VoiceMCAUniversity of Newcastle2003190
AMPT, Robert MiltonMusic iconography and performance practice in the time of Heinrich SchutzMMusUniversity of Adelaide1973192
ANDERSON, ElizabethA study of fingering in selected sources of English virginal music MMusUniversity of Melbourne1984174
ANDERSON, JustineFinding a voice : age, competition and mastery in singing : a discussion of the challenges that a singer faces in endeavouring to master the voice and enter the singing profession M.Mus.University of Melbourne200845
ANDERSON, NatashaRevolts of being : the abject and informe (formless) in music installation/performance MAVictoria University (Vic. Australia)200465
ANGUS, Andrew S.A critical examination and a transcription of the six published oboe sonatas of Giuseppe SammartiniMMusUniversity of Western Aust.20031 vol
ANGUS, QuentinPhrasing and polyrhythm in contemporary jazz guitar: a portfolio of recorded performances and exegesis.PhDUniversity of Adelaide2014307
ANTONOV, EdwardFormulating an interpretation of Frederick Septimus Kelly's Violin Sonata in G major through an assessment of the performance style of the work's dedicatee, Jelly d'AranyiMMusMonash University2015
ARCHER, MichaeleThe effect of belly-in and belly-out directives on breathing behaviour and vocal perception of female classical singersMAppSciUniversity of Sydney2007213
ARNOTT, JoanneRecords and electronics: an introduction to the performance of electroacoustic musicMMusUniversity of Sydney2014106
ASKILL, MichaelReflections on Composition and ConsciousnessPhDUniversity of Queensland2015145
ASZODI, JessicaVoicing subjectivity: Artistic Research in the realization of new Vocal MusicPHDGriffith University2016189
ATKINSON, Neil FNonverbal communication and choral conductingMMus StudsUniversity of Queensland2002128
BAJZEK, DieterPercussion - an annotated bibliography : with special emphasis on contemporary notation and performance MALaTrobe University1986222
BAKRNCHEV, Michael ArthurFolio of CompositionsMMusUniversity of Melbourne2016
BALLARD, BernadetteWomen musicians in late 18th-century LondonMMusUniversity of Melbournewithdrawn c.2005
BANGERT, DanielDoing without thinking? Processes of decision-making in period instrument performancePhDUniversity of NSW2012248
BANKS, Jy-PerryVoices of the Australian tuba : a consideration of factors influencing its changing sound and musical statusMMusPerfUniversity of Sydney2013100
BARCLAY, LeahSonic Ecologies: Environmental Electroacoustic Music Composition in Cultural ImmersionPhDGriffith University2014
BARCLAY, NeilSelf-hypnosis as a tool for practice and performanceMMus Ed.University of Western Aust.1996187
BARDWELL, GlennMusical expression and communication: an overviewMMus (perf)University of Melbourne1996121
BARKER, Jade CarolineApplying Bartolozzi's theory from New sounds for woodwind (1967) to a performance of Bartolozzi's Per Olga (1976) and Smith Brindle's Andromeda M31 (1967) mediated through the utilisation of the Bartolozzi-Mencarelli methodMMusMonash University2014
BARKER, Simon"Scattering rhythms" : The Koreanisation of the Western drumsetPhDUniversity of Sydney2010114 + 1 CD + 1 DVD
BARLOW, ShaunBeatbox flute : An historical account, performance manual and notational guideMMusPerfUniversity of Sydney2011101
BARNES, Jennifer JoanBeyond the act of singing MMusUniversity of Newcastle1998
BARNES, Jennifer JoanSubjective audibility in the professional operatic soprano voice.PhDUniversity of Sydney2007139
BARTLEET, Brydie-LeighGendering the podium: the journeys of professional woman conductorsPhDUniversity of Queensland2004328
BARTLETT, Simon JohnAn Exploration of the Origins and Expression of Implied Harmony in The Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet Baker (1952-1953)MMusUniversity of Sydney2016102
BARWICK, LindaCritical perspectives on oral song in performance : the case of Donna Lombarda PhDFlinders University19862 vol + 2 cass
BATTERHAM, Andrew BruceFootprints: the assimilation of extra-Classical elements in a compositional languagePhDUniversity of Melbourne2015
BEAR, LeanneSets and Violins: an investigation of contemporary performance styles of Artist/Violinists, with particular reference to the work of Laurie AndersonGradDipMusAustralian National Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
BEARDMORE, MeredithInterpretation and perception in the era of historically informed performance : a case study of J. S. Bach's Partita in A minor BWV 1013 for solo fluteMMusUniversity of Sydney2011125
BEARE, MichaelBritish clarinet playing from 1940MMusUniversity of Adelaide1987130
BEECHE, Jack TrewhellaImprovised counterpoint: a study of contrapuntal strategies and interchangeable roles between two soloists in jazz improvisationMMusMonash University2015121
BEILHARZ, KristyContemporary violin techniquesMMusUniversity of Sydney1994105
BELTMAN, SusanMotivation of high-achieving athletes and musicians: A person-context perspective.PhDAustralian Catholic University2005423
BENTLEY, Danielle SarahRestrung new chamber festival : an exploration of contemporary string practicePhDQueensland University of Technology2011275 + 14 Discs
BENTON, Robert LThe effect of lip-slur practice on increasing pitch range in brasswind instrument students M.EdEdith Cowan University19982 microfiche
BERENSEN, ChrisFigured-bass solo traditions and J.S. BachMMusUniversity of Sydney2009137
BETTCHER, Nathan JamesThe process of music making for delivering doctrine in the Christian Family Centre (an Adelaide Pentecostal Church)MMusUniversity of Adelaide2010135 + DVD
BETTS, CatherineReading the signs : assessing the salience of percussion symbols for use in percussion notationMMusUniversity of Western Aust.201073
BEVAN, AndrewFrom conception to realisation : instrumentation and recording quality in creative music making for the jazz multi-instrumentalist MMusUniversity of Adelaide200644+3cds
BINNIE, MicheleFinding the Drastic : Exploring Forms of Attention in Piano PerformanceMMusVictoria University of Wellington2014
BLACKBURN, AndrewThe pipe organ and real-time digital signal processing (DSP) a performer's perspectiveDMAGriffith University2011256
BLEAKLEY, Helen RuthSchumann's sonata for violin and piano op. 121: approaches to performanceMMusUniversity of Queensland199943
BOCHNER, Nicholas I.Interpretation through improvisationMMusUniversity of Queenslandin progress (NiC08/07)
BOGG, LoisCountertenor characteristics : case studies from interview and acoustic investigationsMApScUniversity of Sydney2003157
BONETTI, RuthA performing edition of Georg Philipp Telemann's Ouverture in F Major for 2 chalumeaux, 2 violettas, and basso, transcribed for clarinet, violin, and keyboardMMusUniversity of Queensland19891 vol + 4 parts
BORER, PhillippeAspects of European influences on violin playing and teaching in AustraliaMMusUniversity of Tasmania1988205
BORNMAN, Richard M.An analysis of the jazz guitar style of Lenny Breau : late 1960sMMus (Perf)University of Sydney20041 vol
BOTTOMLEY, John AJazz/culture : styles, formations, politics MAAustralian Catholic University199194
BOUNDS, Carolyn ZPerforming flute music of the French Baroque : an approach for modern flautists [manuscript]MAUniversity of Newcastle2010126
BOURNE, TracyIdentifying the music theatre voice: Acoustic and perceptual characteristics of male and female singers in 'belt' and 'legit' voice.PhDUniversity of Sydneyin progress (2006)
BOYLE, Antares"The pattern and the fabric" : complexity and ambiguity in the solo flute works of Toshio HosokawaMMusUniversity of Sydney200780
BRENNAN, DavidThe opera performer as actor: an Australian perspective PhDUniversity of Newcastle2005530
BRETT, MarilynA study of ways in which classically trained singing teachers meet the pedagogical needs of singers of contemporary popular stylesMMusUniversity of Sydney2008115
BRIEN, StephenAn investigation of forward motion as an analytic template MMus (Perf)University of Sydney2004112
BROOMHEAD, ChristopherThe second line influence in the drumming of Keith Carlock: a practical and theoretical investigationMMusMonash University2012
BROPHY, GerardNorth meets South - East meets West : a personal accommodation of divergent aesthetic, cultural and technological compositional approaches : a portfolio of four compositions and exegesisPhDUniversity of Adelaide2014
BROUGHTON, MaryMusic, movement and marimba[electronic resource] :solo marimbists' bodily gesture in the perception and production of expressive performancePhDUniversity of Western Sydney2008284
BROWN, Andrew R.Teaching synthesizer performance : issues for an instrumental music program for synthesizer M.EdUniversity of Melbourne1994147
BROWN, DavidThe role of live musical performance in the recording studioMARMIT University200115 + 4CDs
BROWN, JamesIntellect and intuition: reflections on the role of improvisation in contemporary jazz composition and performance MMusUniversity of Adelaide200762 + 2CDR
BROWN, Patricia A.Sempre Libera: changes in singing style in Verdi's opera La Traviata during the first century of operatic sound recording THIS SEEMS TO BE A MISTAKE - CONFUSED WITH A THESIS BY AN AMERICAN PATRICIA BROWNPhDUniversity of NSW1996
BROWN, Shaun JosephInterpreting the Early Lieder of Erich Korngold: A Performer’s Perspective on So Gott und Papa will (1910)MMus?University of Queensland2016
BROWNLEE, JaneThe transmission of traditional fiddle music in AustraliaMMusUniversity of Sydney2009193
BRUCE, KarenGiuditta Pasta and Maria Callas: phenomenon and impact of the acting singerMMusAustralian National Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
BRUER, TimA study of pianist Keith Jarrett's approach to the structuring of an improvised performance, based upon the standard song, from the years 1985 to 1989 MMus (Jazz)University of Sydney2003
BRUSKY, PaulaPerformance-related musculoskeletal disorders in bassoon playersPhDUniversity of Sydney2009170
BRYON, ExperienceThe integrative performance theory: an anti-hermeneutic approach for operaPhDMonash University1999235
BUCKINGHAM, AliceInformed Performance Practice of Sonata for Viola and Piano, op. 147 by Dmitri Shostakovich: A Study of InterpretationMPhilUniversity of Queensland2014
BUCKLEY, DarylFrom body schema to score: creating spatial grammars in contemporary electric guitar practice.PhDRMIT University2015108
BURGESS, JeanHigh culture as subculture: Brisbane's contemporary chamber music sceneM.PhilUniversity of Queensland2004101
BURKE RIGO, BEscapee gloss : a symphony of polymediaM?University of Tasmania2014
BURTON, RussellThe effect of non-visual conductor activities on the quality of an instrumental ensemble as judged by Eisteddfod scoresMMusUniversity of Adelaide1998111
BUTTERSWORTH, Louise, M.Personality variables and other predictors of musical performance achievementMAUniversity of Queensland1994183
BYRNES, Jonathan LawrenceThe devil’s horn and the music of the brothel approaching adaptation and performance of tango for the classical saxophonistPhDUniversity of Sydney2016111
CAESAR, MichaelThe use of indeterminacy in music composition as a stimulus for developing music improvisation skill in performersPhDAustralian National University20052 vol
CALLINAN-ROBERTSON, JoanneThe effects on vocal quality of the Marchesi pedagogical approach in female singers in the western classical traditionMMusUniversity of Sydney2007112
CALWELL, LindaOrigins and defining characteristics of the mezzo-soprano voice classificationMCAUniversity of Wollongongin progress (NiC08/07)
CAMERON, Christopher PaulExploring applications of multi-dexterity in drum kit performanceMMusMonash University2016
CAMERON, Eleanor EliseMusic in tempore belli: an exploration of how to perform Dmitri Shostakovich's Eighth String Quartet and George Crumb's Black Angels: thirteen images from the dark land for electric string quartet as works written in response to warMA (perf)Monash University200658 + CD
CAMPBELL, Peter JohnLimestone Plains-song: an historical survey of choral music in Canberra, 1913-1993MMusAustralian National University1996432
CANNON, GlennFunctional and non-functional progressions in improvised music : a method of facilitating linear and harmonic flowMAMonash University20101 v.
CANNON, JoannePlayable ambisonic spatial motion : music performance techniques and mappings for the extended bassoonM.Mus.University of Melbourne200995
CAREY, Benedict ErisNotation sequence generation and sound synthesis in interactive spectral musicMMus(Comp)University of Sydney201364
CAREY, Benjamin Leigh_derivations and the performer-developer : co-evolving digital artefacts and human-machine performance practicesPhDUniversity of Technology Sydney2016328
CARTER, James Stuart ReadImporting and exploring the kramerian theory of musical postmodernism within contemporary Jazz performanceMArtsMonash University201580
CARTER, MelissaMusic Performance anxiety:A study analysing the differences in prevalence by gender, genre, instrument type and year level.MMusGriffith Universitysubmitted Oct 200774
CATLIN, TimExtended timbral possibilities in acoustic and electric guitar productionMARMIT University20001 vol + 2 cds
CECIL, AnnJohn Amadio : virtuoso flautistMMusUniversity of Melbourne199852
CHALABI, Karen LouiseThe architecture of spirit : a phenomenological study of archetypal forces in Eastern European flute repertoire.PhDUniversity of Melbourne2014271
CHAMPION, HollyDramaturgical analysis of opera performance: four recent productions of Dido and AeneasPhDUniversity of NSW2016457
CHAN, Karyn Oi LimAffective concepts in music performance education : an Einsteinian approachPhDUniversity of Western Aust.2011240
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