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RUSSO-BATTERHAM, DanielAnonymous Airs de cour in Bataille's Airs de diffénts auteurs, mis en tablature de luth : an edition and critical studyMMusUniversity of Melbourne2012
KIERNAN, Frederic MurraySix Ave regina coelorum settings (1737) by Jan Dismas Zelenka (ZWV 128): context and critical editionMMusUniversity of Melbourne2013
BONETTI, Paul-AntoniSound and style: a compositional exploration of appropriated source material: portfolio of compositions and exegesisPhDUniversity of Adelaide2015
MIDDENWAY, R'If music and sweet poetry agree' : the marriage of two art-forms, with particular emphasis on speech rhythm &​ inflection, dramatic intensity &​ musical coherencePhDUniversity of Tasmania2015
MCEVOY, DavidAspects of Herbie Hancock’s pre-electric improvisational language and their application in contemporary jazz performance: a portfolio of recorded performances and exegesis.MPhilUniversity of Adelaide2014
PURCELL, Kevin JTransmedia storytelling: relocating the Broadway musical across the digital domain as scalable enterpriseMResUniversity of Melbourne2015
SIMPSON, CheralynBéla Bartók’s Viola Concerto which published edition should I perform?MMusMonash University2016
DEAN, J. T.Sonata - Jean Marie Leclair, Op 9 No. 4, transcribed and realised for viola and keyboard.MusMUniversity of Western Aust.19781 vol
STINSON, John AlexanderEssay of musical ayre/ an edition from the autograph with introduction and commentary. [North, Roger, 1653-1734]MAAustralian National University19771 vol
BONETTI, RuthA performing edition of Georg Philipp Telemann's Ouverture in F Major for 2 chalumeaux, 2 violettas, and basso, transcribed for clarinet, violin, and keyboardMMusUniversity of Queensland19891 vol + 4 parts
GERRARD, KathleenThe livre d'airs et de simphonies meslés de quelques fragmens d'opéra 1697 of Pierre Gillier : an edition and studyM.MusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)2010107
DILLON, TeressaCanons, airs sérieux and airs à boire : a study of the contribution of the eighteenth century French composer and copyist C. de La SerreMMusVictoria University of Wellington2010121; 99
CATSALIS, Marie-LouiseKeyboard instruction in early eighteenth century Italy : editions of keyboard treatises by Alessandro Scarlatti and Bernardo Pasquini MMusUniversity of New England1998123
KIRK, Rachael A.A Sonata for harpsichord or fortepiano with a tenor obbligato by Carl Stamitz: A comparative study of all editionsMusMUniversity of Western Aust.1997129
WATT, SallySimon Boyleau: motetta quatuor vocum (Venice: G.Scotto, 1554): an edition and studyMMusUniversity of Melbourne2002131
SECCOMBE, PamelaThe musical manuscript Paris BNC 862: a stylistic study and editionMMusUniversity of Auckland1996156
OSWIN, Richard HanburyFlorence, Biblioteca nazionale centrale, manuscript Magliabechiano XIX 178 a late fifteenth-century source of secular music MAUniversity of Auckland1982182
BELBIN, JillianJohn Christopher Smith (1712-1795): His place in the development of English harpsichord music (including a performance edition of six suites of lessons for the harpsichord op. 3).MusMUniversity of Western Aust.19962 vol
BURDEN, MichaelSix concertos for violin and string orchestra, 1733 [music] / Giueseppe [sic] Tartini ; edited by Michael BurdenMAUniversity of Adelaide19862 vol
CATSALIS, Marie-LouiseThe serenata and Alessandro Scarlatti: a genre study, with six editionsPhDUniversity of Newcastle20042 vol
CLINTON, TerryO s'io potessi donna and Se pur ti guardo : a survey of accidental usage in the practical sources for two sixteenth-century four-part songs MMusUniversity of Sydney20012 vol
OEHM, Gregory"William Turner - the fourth man": Critical editions of verse anthems by William Turner (1651-1740)MAUniversity of Newcastle20022 vol
ROYLANCE, Philippa M.A performing edition of Domenico Dragonetti's solo in G for double bass and piano and a thematic index of his miscellaneous compositions for double bass.MMusUniversity of Queensland19862 vol
SERVADEI, AlessandroA critical edition and exploration of Percy Grainger's The Warriors: Music to an Imaginary BalletMMusUniversity of Melbourne19962 vol
RAINE, Susan FrancesThe Office compositions in the Magnus liber organi: a transcription and textual comparison of the three principal manuscripts.MMusUniversity of Auckland19842 vol
MAYS, LawrenceNiccolò Piccinni's dramma giocoso 'Il Regno della Luna' (1770)PhDAustralian National University20172 vols
MULIADI, PatriceSix anonymous Magnificat settings from the Vatican Library and their background in fifteenth-century Rome : a study and edition.MMusUniversity of Auckland2003232
WEAKLEY, SarahPolyphonic settings of the Lamentations of Jeremiah in sixteenth-century Rome, Venice, and Spain ; with an edition of of Giovanni Croce's Devottissime Lamentationi (Venice, 1603). MMusUniversity of Auckland2001247
VANT, Arwen A. D.The Mass Ordinary 1420-1450 : a study and edition of five anonymous massesMMusUniversity of Auckland1997248
WAARDENBURG, Eric WalterA study and edition of selected keyboard concertos by Georg Christoph Wagenseil (1715-1777) MMusUniversity of Auckland1983248
WILLIAMS, Carol JaniceThe Mancini Codex: a manuscript studyPhDUniversity of Adelaide19833 vol
RODGERS, Robert MarkThe "Hill-songs" of Percy Aldridge Grainger: An historical and analytic study with a new performance edition (Volumes I and II)DMAOverseas1987306
ADAMSON, AmandaPetrucci's Motetti C : a critical edition and study of the anonymous motetsMMusUniversity of Auckland1992310
ANSLOW, DayleThree masses by Antonio Cifra and their background in the Roman Counter-Reformation: a study and edition.MMusUniversity of Auckland1998348
WATTS, PeterA critical edition of the works of William Cranford, c1590-c1660MAUniversity of Auckland1980373
DIVALL, RichardThe Complete Sacred Music of Nicolò Isouard (1773-1818) and Maltese Sacred Music for The Order of Malta in the Late Eighteenth CenturyPhD University of Divinity2013380 + ~800
COOTE, Darryl GlenThe influence of Alfred Cortot on the performance, teaching and research-editing of piano music from the Romantic era MMusUniversity of Melbourne198950
Roznawski, Jakub PawelChristian Gotthilf Tag four sonatas transcribed for guitar duoMMus PerfNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)200857; 101
RYAN, JamesTenor saxophone transcriptions and analysisMMus (Jazz Perf)Australian National University199558
SCOTT, Craig BlakefieldA folio of transcriptions of famous bassists' solos and analyses thereofMMus(Jazz perf)Australian National University199560 + 1 cass.
KIPNIS, BorisLudwig van Beethoven quartets, op. 18MMusMassey University200266
SMITH, Robyn ElizabethTexts and Music of French Double and Triple Motetsin Fascicles II, V and VII of manuscript Montepellier, Bibliotheque de l'ecole de medicine, H196: A textual edition with translation and commentaryPhDUniversity of Sydney1986669: 3 vol
PHILLIPS, John A.Bruckner's ninth revisited: towards the re-evaluation of a four-movement symphonyPhDUniversity of Adelaide2002753, 551
FORSYTH, James AlexanderHandel's organ concertosMMusUniversity of Melbourne197080
ALTON-LEE, Amity RoseThe improvisation of Tubby Hayes in 'The New York sessions' MMusNZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201080; 42
COMINOS, Margaret C. PatrikeosTranscriptions of 17 kontakia from Codex Ashburnham 64 MAUniversity of New England197985
HILLIER, RobinThe Concerto for multiple instruments QV 6:6 by Johann Joachim QuantzMMusUniversity of Melbourne200388
NADEN, Liam P.D.Sacrae cantiones : liber quartus (1606) / Agostino Agazzari: a critical editionMAUniversity of Auckland1988NS
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