Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
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CHAMPION, HollyDramaturgical analysis of opera performance: four recent productions of Dido and AeneasPhDUniversity of NSW2016457
CHIN, Tan ChyuanTo muse beyond formal music training: the development and use of a measure of music engagement in everyday lifePhDMonash University2014
COLSON, GeoffroyCompositional Ethnomusicology and the Tahitian Musical Landscape: Towards Meta-Sustainability through Creative Practice Research Informed by Ethnographic FieldworkPhDUniversity of Sydney2016
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GARCIA, ALStringshift : solo guitar improvisation : process, methodology and practiceUnknownUniversity of Tasmania2014
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GEE, NarelleMaintaining our rage: Inside Australia's longest-running music video programPhDQueensland University of Technology2015
GEORGOULASHybrid identities: being a Greek musicker in Melbourne and in GreecePhDMonash University2016
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GODDARD, Sarah"I just find it awkward" : Girls' negotiations of sexualised pop music mediaPhDVictoria University of Wellington2016241
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HANUSIAK, Xenia DaraMusical transcriptions: a creative and analytical exploration of aspects of music in textPhDMonash University2015156
HARALAMPOU, LukeAnd their lungs reflect what the sun means to themMAUniversity of Melbourne2012
HARDCASTLE, Adam Christopher'Letting good happen' sustaining community music in regional Australia: a study of the Green Triangle cross-border regionPhDMonash University2015
HARDIE, Lisa CarolineStaying in, tuning in, and coming out: Music as imagined space in lesbians’ coming out geographiesMAUniversity of Waikato2012108
HAYCOCK, JohnRevolution rock: a study of a public pedagogy of protest musicPhDMonash University2015
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HORSLEY, Matthew ScottEvolution, not revolution: tradition and innovation in Afro-Cuban musicMMusUniversity of Melbourne201286
HUNT, Katrina MargaretThe Female Voice in American Musical Theatre (1940-1955): Mary Martin and the Development of Integrated Vocal StylePhDAustralian National University2016436
ISTVANDITY, LaurenMusically Motivated Autobiographical Memories and the Lifetime SoundtrackPhDGriffith University2014280
JOHNSON, PhillipThe polysynchronous film score: the relationship between music and image/narrative in contemporary scores for silent filmPhDUniversity of Newcastle2015214
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KAUR, AmritaRāgamālā : a garland of architecture and musicMArch University of Auckland2015181
KEOGH, BrentAnalyzing world music discourse in AustraliaPhDMacquarie University2014298
KHOZANATU LAHPAN, Neneng YantiNegotiating ethnicity and Islam in musical performances in West Java IndonesiaPhDMonash University2015307
KIM, JosephInteractive relationship between firms' activities and their environment: the case study of Korean music industryPhDUniversity of NSW2014
KIRBY, Catherine Sarah'The Art-Twins of Our Timestretch': Percy Grainger, Frederick Delius and the 1914-1934 American 'Delius Campaign'MMusUniversity of Melbourne2015105
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LEE, DanielA global approach to guitar tuition : developing an electric guitar meta-canonMEduCharles Darwin University2015253
LESLIE, ShayneWords and Music: using a chosen set of criteria to inform a creative response in composing two contrasting song cyclesMMusUniversity of Sydney201591
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LEWANDOWSKI, NatalieBehind the sounds: the evolution of film soundtrack roles in Australia and New ZealandPhDMacquarie University2014335
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LIN, NatashaDe-trivialising music torture as torture-liteMMusUniversity of Melbourne201244
LOCKITT, Matthew JamesThe musical is drama: apollonian and dionysian dynamics and liminal ruptures in the contemporary musical theatre.PhDMonash University2014
LOMBARDI, MarcoRomanticism in two musical repertories: a comparison of the music of Federic Chopin and the rock group NirvanaMMusUniversity of Western Aust.201549
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