Writersort iconThesis TitleDegreeUniversityYear# of Pages
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PIKE, Georgia OliviaDefining the Indefinable: An historical and cultural exploration of excellence in musicPhDAustralian National UniversityIn progress (2010)
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ROBERTSON, BronwenSubterranean sounds and reverberations of dissent : identity and expression in Tehran's unofficial rock music scenePhDUniversity of Melbourne2010228 + 1 DVD
RUSSELL, Bruce Roland“What true project has been lost?”: Towards a social ontology of improvised sound work.PhDRMIT University2016146
SAINSBURY, ChristopherWorking as a regionalist composer : the music of Christopher SainsburyPhDUniversity of Sydney2012138p+3CD
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SCHAEFER, PeterSound and circle: dualities of culture and content within creative work 1987-97DCAUniversity of Wollongong20022 vol + 2 comp optic
SCHOFIELD, Karen LouiseNational identities and music : how music and musicians influence identityM.Mus.University of Melbourne200836 + 2 DVDs
SEGAL, Deviani SarahThe impact of feminist studies on the portrayal of women in music history : Fanny Hensel, a case studyMMusUniversity of Melbourne199342
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SIU, Rhonda ClaireMusic and human existencePhDUniversity of NSW2014294
SMITH, GraemeThe social meaning of Irish button accordian playing styles from 1900-1975PhDMonash University1990505
SMITH, Kylie DeborahHarmonisation with nature: enhancing health education through empathetic ecomusicationPhDUniversity of Newcastle2015468
SOTHERAN, Joy MareeCan creativity be accommodated In the competency paradigm? : a music industry case studyPhDUniversity of Technology Sydney2013369
STEFANAKIS, MandyContemporary knowledge of what music is and does and the implications for music education MEdUniversity of Melbourne2003296
SVILANS, MarijaThe harmonics of Aristoxenus and its influence on the writings of Aristides Quintilianus: an investigation into correspondences between two Greek music theoristsMAUniversity of Queensland1990400
TAWA, MichaelSound, music and architecture : a study of the relationship between sound, number, space and time in sacred music and architecture according to the Vedic, Pythagorean and Platonic traditions PhDUniversity of NSW1991289
TAYLOR, JodiePlaying it Queer: Understanding queer gender, sexual and musical praxis in a 'new' musicological contextPhDGriffith University2009294 + 1 CD
THIRLWALL, ImogenVoicing Rupture: Resisting docility through performances of feminine agency in Arnold Schoenberg’s Das Buch der hängenden GärtenMMusVictoria University of Wellington2014
THWAITES, TrevorBeing literate in the world : music, language and discourse in educationPhDUniversity of Auckland2008345
TIEN, AdrienMeanings in music texts and texts about music in Western Europe in the late 19th to early 20th centuriesGradDipMusAustralian National Universityin progress (NiC08/07)
TODD, Paul, GrahamThe philosophies of Karlheinz Stockhausen in Aus den sieben Tagen and In Freundschaft: performance as a means of communicationMAMonash University200453 + CD
TOLTZ, JosephHidden Testimony: Musical Experience and Memory in Jewish Holocaust survivorsPhDUniversity of Sydney2011276
TONG, EPassion, identity, and the model of Goal-Directed Behaviour in a classical music contextPhDRMIT University2016437
TRAINER, AdamRock'n'roll cinema PhDMurdock University2005412
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TURNER, LizDissent and Dissonance: Understanding Musical Experiences and social movements in resistance in the early twenty first centuryPhDUniversity of Melbournein progress (2006)
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VERHAGEN, DNoise, music & perception: towards a functional understanding of noise compositionPhDRMIT University2015181
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WILLIAMS, AndrewThe functions of Walkman musicPhDUniversity of Adelaide2004NS
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WINSOR, KeithThe music of the law: a comparative study in the history and philosophy of law and music in ancient civilisations of the westMGenStudUniversity of NSW1983300
WOLFE, JocelynThese notes have hips, but not like Claudia Schiffer's! A study of the use of metaphor and figurative language in music instruction and the implication for students from different language backgroundsMPhilGriffith Universityin progress (2005)
WOLFE, Jocelyn KayHow Far Can You Stretch a Note?: Developing an Approach to the Study of Metaphor in the Language of Music InstructionPhDGriffith University2014329
YAMAMOTO, MakikoWhat's wrong with your voice?MMusUniversity of Melbourne2012
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