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AMABILE, PaulMusical theory in architectural designGDipArchQueensland University of Technology1982183
AMATO, NolaThe design and implementation of a keyboard scale tutoring systemMScUniversity of Western Aust.1988103
ANDERSON, Alan JohnstonDeveloping instructional strategies for desktop video assisted music teaching and learningPhDSouthern Cross University2004214
AnonThe wireless and the talkies: new technologies and their impact on the Australian popular music industryPhDUniversity of Queenslandin progress (NiC08/07)
AnonFrom Mediated to Immediate: The Role of Technology on the Performance of Slovenian Folk Music in Port Lincoln, South AustraliaMMusUniversity of Adelaidein progress (NiC08/07)
Anon“21st Century composer as producer: utilising technology as a creative tool in the composition, realisation and performance of new music”PhDUniversity of QueenslandIn Progress (2009)
AnonAcoustic Ecology and the Documentation of Environments Using Soundscape Composition [working title]PhDUniversity of South AustraliaIn Progress (2009)
ANTHONY, Brendan‘The Stairways to Mixing Heaven’: Designs for the Optimisation of Creative Mixing Practices in Popular Music Record ProductionMMusGriffith University2015
ARNOTT, JoanneRecords and electronics: an introduction to the performance of electroacoustic musicMMusUniversity of Sydney2014106
ASKILL, MichaelReflections on Composition and ConsciousnessPhDUniversity of Queensland2015145
ATHAN, MelissaControl I'm here.MAMonash University1994316
BAINBRIDGE, DavidExtensible optical music recognitionPhDUniversity of Canterbury1997277
BAJALICA, MarijaStrategies to enhance the artistic quality of piano recordingPhDUniversity of Adelaide2013147
BANNEY, David AndrewSymmetry and symmetry reduction in musicPhDUniversity of Newcastle2015
BARRACLOUGH, TimothyIterative Design for Approachable, Mobile-Based Collaborative Electronic Music InstrumentsMEngVictoria University of Wellington2015128
BELLMANN, Hector GuillermoToward a scientific taxonomy of musical stylesM.Inf.Tech (Research)Queensland University of Technology2006183
BLACKBURN, AndrewThe pipe organ and real-time digital signal processing (DSP): A performer's perspectiveDMAGriffith University2011256
BLAMEY, Peter JohnSine waves and simple acoustic phenomena in experimental music[electronic resource] :with special reference to the work of La Monte Young and Alvin LucierPhDUniversity of Western Sydney2008286
BLINKHORN, DanielExtra-musical consequence : reconsidering antecedent/consequent motivations MAUniversity of Wollongong200568 + 1 CD
BLINKHORN, DanielNew music composition in computer-assisted environmentsDCAUniversity of Wollongong2007134 + 14 CDs
BOLTON, Alan GrahamThe design of an electronic music synthesizerMAppSCUniversity of Adelaide19771 vol
BOWERING, Philip GrahamA study of the relationship between synergy in the group dynamic of contemporary music making and the use of midi/personal computer based music systems in an OSI/ISDN environmentMAVictoria University of Wellington1990101
BOYLE, DavidMusical analysis of works for performers and electronics : an alternative approach MA (Hons)University of Wollongong1997120 + 1 CD
BRENNAN, Patrick MichaelConstruction practices of the bassoon reed from field to final wireMMusUniversity of Sydney200778
BURRASTON, David MGenerative music and cellular automataPhDUniversity of Technology Sydney2006211 + CD-Rom
CABRERA, DensilA psychoacoustical study of resonating sound artPhDUniversity of Sydney2001578 + 4 CDs
CAMPBELL, Steven JamesThe application in original musical compositions of algorithms within four music composition software programs and the development of composition algorithms within Phrase Garden, an original music composition software programPhDUniversity of New England1997355
CANNON, JoannePlayable ambisonic spatial motion : music performance techniques and mappings for the extended bassoonM.Mus.University of Melbourne200995
CAREY, Benjamin Leigh_derivations and the performer-developer : co-evolving digital artefacts and human-machine performance practicesPhDUniversity of Technology Sydney2016328
CARROLL, Adrian D.Beat-mixing Rock music : Rock and electronic dance music merge to create the ManaraysM.AQueensland University of Technology2012118
CHEN, Chi WaiThe creative process of computer-assisted composition and multimedia composition visual images and musicPhDRMIT University20071 CDRom
CHEN, Hung PaiThe integration of information technology in music teacher education and school music education in TaiwanPhDRMIT University2012289
CHIANG, Niann TsuuOptical music recognition: processing the sacred harpMCMSCUniversity of Waikato1998104
CHOI, Young JiTowards better predictions of concert hall acoustic qualityPhDUniversity of Sydney2005299
CHONG, Min YinDigital sound sampling: electronic piracy or technological creativity?LLMUniversity of Melbourne1995109
CLINCH, PeterOral tract fluctuations in clarinet and saxophone performance: an acoustical analysis PhDMonash University1980188
COLLYER, SallyThe use of computers in aurally based voice classification for solo classical singersMMusGriffith University1997190
COOK, Shane SamuelMinimum message length comparison of musical sequencesMScUniversity of Waikato1994114
COULTER, John WilliamElectroacoustic music with moving images [electronic resource] : a practice-led research project PhDUniversity of Queensland200971
COYLE, TomThe musical superhighway: the internet for the performing musicianMMusGriffith University199656
CRACKNELL, Susan ElizabethAn adaptable phase vocoder and its behaviour.PhDUniversity of Melbourne1996205
CRAWFORD, Renee MarieAuthentic learning and digital technology in the music classroom PhDMonash University2007311
D'OMBRAIN, Geoffrey RobertThe concept of the electronic music studio North America 1972 MMusUniversity of Melbourne1974264
De ZUBICARAY, HelenCircumscribing space : exploring the structure and function of the cell and enclosed space in twelfth-century architecture and music PhDUniversity of Queensland19961 vol
DEWSNIP, Michael JEvaluating melody retrieval algorithmsMCMSUniversity of Waikato2002131
DIAZ-GASCA, Juan SebastianMusic Beyond Gameplay: Motivators in the Consumption of Videogame SoundtracksPhDGriffith University2015
DOWDALL, PeterThe impact of technology on the role and function of the bass in jazzPhDUniversity of Adelaide2012293
DRUMMOND, Jon RobertIntegrated development environment for computer music composition MSc (Hons)Macquarie University1998106 + 1 CD-ROM
DRUMMOND, Philip JohnComputer applications to music: a survey and review of the literature, 1949-1979MEngScUniversity of NSW1984441
DUIGNAN, MatthewComputer mediated music production : a study of abstraction and activityPhDVictoria University of Wellington2008346
DYSON, FrancesThe silencing of sound: metaphysics, technology, mediaPhDUniversity of Technology Sydney1993153
EGENES, John R. The Record Producer's Evolving Role: A Study of Three Recording ProjectsDMAUniversity of Otago2016
EYLES, Anne-Maree TTeachers' perspectives about implementing ICT in music educationPhDGriffith University2020
FINLAYSON, JamesCreative innovation in music videosMAUniversity of Waikato200688 + CDR
FITTON Kaye R.Tristram Cary: pioneer of electronic music in EnglandMMusUniversity of Adelaide198362
FITZGERALD, Thomas ANew music composition for live performance and interactive multimediaDCAUniversity of Wollongong2004180 + 6 folios + 4 D
FRANCIS, RichardPatterning : creative sound composition from environmental recordingsMCPAUniversity of Auckland200451 + DVD + 7 sound d
FURDUJ, BorisAcoustic instrument simulation in film music contextsMResMacquarie University2014135
GARFINKEL, CalebInvestigations in guitar signal processing: 'folding' and its outcomes in composition and performanceMMusMonash University2014
GERRARD, GraemeCOMPOST : a language for computer music composition - sound synthesis from spectral functions MALaTrobe University19862 vol + accompanying
GIBBS, John CharlesCopyright in electronic musicLLMUniversity of Melbourne199295
GRANT, NatalieMomentum: experiential development in music compositionPhDUniversity of Melbourne2014
HABERFIELD, DavidExplorations in contemporary electronic dance music, style and soundMARMIT University1996var
HALL, Stephen MarshallDesign issues in low-cost interactive multimedia show systemsMARMIT University1998vid
HAMEED, ShamunA study on the use of vocal samples and vocal transformation techniques in the music of Paul Lansky and Trevor Wishart + Portfolio of original compositionsMMus (Comp)University of Sydney200579 + folio + 2CDs
HARKNESS, Edward LSome aspects of stage design in concert hallsM.ArchUniversity of Newcastle1976271
HARKNESS, Edward LAn introduction to the design of auditoria for the performance of chamber music.MBlgScUniversity of Sydney19671 vol
HARRISON, DavidMusic by numbers : the impacts of music technologies on popMAUniversity of Otago2010163
HEWES, Michael Conducting space: An analysis-based approach to spatial sound design in contemporary chamber music performancePhDRMIT University2013206
HEWITT, DonnaCompositions for voice and technology [+ Dissertation]PhDUniversity of Western Sydney2006178
HILL, MatthewHit scrape click drag : analysis and application of compositional methodologies at the intersection of conserved and emergent technologiesPhDJames Cook University2007301 + CD Rom + DVD
HIRST, David GodfreyDigital sound analysis and synthesis using the short-time Fourier transform [sound recording]MALaTrobe University19852 vol +1 tape
HOARE, MatthewElectronic music beyond loudspeakersMVAUniversity of Sydney200446
HOLLAND, Michael EdwardProduction, Identity and Inherited Aesthetics: Digital Technology, Authenticity and Location in Independent Music PracticeMAUniversity of Otago2011
HUNT, Kevin PatrickPerceptions of the Stuart &​ Sons Piano Sound: Realising a creative, active visionPhDUniversity of Sydney2016
HUNTER, Barbara LouiseNeo-tribe: multiplicity, fluidity and flexibility in the electronic scenePhDUniversity of Melbourne2003214
JACOBS, Bryson KThe development of the 7-octave BKJ 12-string electric guitar and its practical applicationMMusUniversity of Sydney200864
JAMES, Stuart GeorgeSpectromorphology and spatiomorphology : wave terrain synthesis as a framework for controlling timbre spatialisation in the frequency domainPhDEdith Cowan University2015
JOHNSON, Bridget DoughertyDiffusion evolved : new musical interfaces applied to diffusion performanceM.M.AMassey University201376
JOHNSON, Robert LloydElectronic music and the synthesiserMARMIT University2000?NS
KEITH, Sarah LouiseStandards for deviation: developing laptop performance of generative contemporary electronic musicPhDMacquarie University2010250 + CD-R
KELLY, JoanThe electronics of science fiction: The relationship between science fiction sound and the development of electronic music technologyMARMIT University20051 vol
KEMP, David JamesCompositions Combining Acoustic, Electro-Acoustic And Synthetic Instruments For Modern Jazz PerformanceMMusUniversity of Sydney2016181
KERR, Thorin McDonald ThomasPerforming composition : developing a computer assisted composition system through live coding performance M.A.Queensland University of Technology200972 + 1 videodisc
KERSLAKE, BenContemporary opera and the role of technologyMMusGriffith University200275
KHOO, Sui SinThe single hidden layer neural network based classifiers for Han Chinese folk songsPhDSwinburne University of Technology2013213
KING, Jason Philip AllenPilot testing a music appreciation training program for cochlear implant recipients and users of hearing aidsMAudUniversity of Canterbury2013102
KNOWLES, Christopher JExtending creative practice: the practical possibilities of designing unique software tools for the independent audio artistMARMIT University20041 vol
KOLAC, Alexandra MarieFinding echo: the electric violinist and digital delayM.MusUniversity of Melbourne201042
KRAUSE, Amanda ElizabethResearch about listening: everyday music interactionsPhDCurtin University of Technology2014336
KREGER, TimMusical Application of TypogeneticsMMusAustralian National University199939
KRUEGER, Cornelia CorinnaThe impact of the internet on business model evolution within the news and music sectorsPhDUniversity of South Australia2006336
KUO, ChristyA machine learning approach to music classificationMScUniversity of Waikato2005124
LAUNDRY, Beverly AliceSheet Music Unbound: A fluid approach to sheet music display and annotation on a multi-touch screenMSciUniversity of Waikato2011191
LAVAN, DanielVibrational characteristics of bell platesMScUniversity of Technology Sydney200292
LEE, Helen OrielListening to music : the development of a technique to evaluate the quality of responses to music using the SOLO taxonomy M.EdUniversity of Tasmania1991252
LEGG, Katherine AnnNonlinear mode coupling in vibrating mechanical systemsPhDUniversity of New England1988119
LEMKE, ClaudiMaori involvement in sound recording and broadcasting 1919 to 1958MA (Anthrop)University of Auckland1995199
LOGAN, SamIllusions of Liveness : Producer as ComposerM.M.ANZ School of Music (Victoria + Massey)201355p+1CD
LOH, Susie Yook-So,The development of electronic musicAdvDipTeachUniversity of Adelaide197682
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