CHALABI, Karen Louise

PhD University of Melbourne 2014 Pages: 271

The architecture of spirit : a phenomenological study of archetypal forces in Eastern European flute repertoire.

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This research analyses why a particular selection of flute repertoire is more meaningful to me than other styles. I investigate the forces that impact the composition and experience of the repertoire. My original contribution to knowledge is the analysis of my preparation and approach to these works as a performer.

There is something unique about the experience of this music that I am challenged to explain and articulate. This challenge suggested a mystique to the experience of musical phenomena and led me to describe the music as having spirit although I could not explain exactly what it felt like or why that phenomenon occurred. Theories analysed in this research suggest that particular forces impact experience and musical phenomena. Nietzschean Apollonian and Dionysion forces are identified as being of particular interest to the experience of musical phenomena.

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