JAMES, Stuart George

PhD Edith Cowan University 2015 Pages:

Spectromorphology and spatiomorphology : wave terrain synthesis as a framework for controlling timbre spatialisation in the frequency domain

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This research project examines the scope of the technique of timbre spatialisation in the frequency domain that can be realised and controlled in live performance by a single performer. Existing implementations of timbre spatialisation take either a psychoacoustical approach – employing control rate signals for determining azimuth and distance cues – or an adoption of abstract structures for determining frequency-space modulations. This research project aims to overcome the logistical constraints of real-time multi-parameter mapping by developing an overarching multi-signal framework for control: wave terrain synthesis, an interactive control rate and audio rate system. Due to the precise timing requirements of vectorbased FFT processes, spectral control data are generated in frames. Performed in MaxMSP, the project addresses notions of space and immersion using a practice-led methodology contributing to the creation of a number of compositions, performance software and an accompanying exegesis. In addition, the development and evaluation of timbre spatialisation software by the author is accompanied by a categorical definition of the spatial sound shapes generated.

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