SMOUT, nNaomi

MMus University of Western Aust. 2015 Pages: 80

Confessions and reflections on performing Twentieth-century Argentine piano music

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This thesis examines my experiences of learning and performing twentieth-century Argentine piano music. Chapter one examines the development of Argentine folk dances and how Argentine composers integrated the rhythms and imagery associated with regional folklore dances into their piano music. Such an examination then considers the influence of literary writers and nationalist ideology on the folklore movement and Argentine composers. Accordingly, I describe how the folk dance-inspired rhythms and connection with the landscape and gaucho (cowboy) of Argentina is significant in the composers’ works. In chapter two, I reflect on my experiences of learning twentieth-century Argentine piano music first in Perth, Western Australia, and then in New York, US. In order to examine how my experiences in New York enabled me to develop new approaches to piano performance, I reflect on the physical and mental strategies relating to piano playing that I learned under Rosa Antonelli (2013), and how such strategies enabled me to address ‘question spaces’ (after Pasler 2008) and ‘struggles’ (after Denzin 2003) that have arisen in my playing...

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