NIETO, Alejandro, Miranda

PhD University of Western Sydney 2015 Pages:

Mobilities of practice : the circulation of traditional music making across Mexico and the United States

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Music making, amongst a myriad of cultural practices, is on the move. This phenomenon has been reflected in the increasing interest of scholarly debates on the production and negotiation of meanings in and across social and geographical spaces. The enthusiasm for the analysis of the spatial dimensions of the production of, and engagement with, cultural practices has often overshadowed the consideration of their temporalities and social rhythms. Drawing on ethnographic research conducted in various locations in Mexico and the United States, this thesis advances the analysis of the mobility of cultural practices to examine the circulation of ways of making and experiencing music across communities of practitioners. The notions of mobility, friction and rhythm are used to analyse the reproduction, appropriation and re-creation of musical practices. Key foci are on the production of spatio-temporal arrangements during performances and the dissemination of this practice through multilayered processes of mobility. This mobile ethnography analyses processes of the making of culture as dynamic interplay between continuity and change...

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