KAUR, Amrita

MArch University of Auckland 2015 Pages: 181 + soundfile

Rāgamālā : a garland of architecture and music

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Hindustānī classical music is a universe of its own; fascinating, daunting, magical and with unlimited possibility. The same can be expressed about an intentional community. Both have certain frameworks and rules in rendition and design but allow for boundless improvisation and creativity within. This thesis is a multidisciplinary research exploring the possibilities of translating music into architecture. The Sikh holy scripture of Srī Gūrū Granth Sāhib contains poetry that has been classified with rāgas (melodic frameworks) of Hindustānī classical music. As part of the author’s Sikh upbringing, she has been learning Hindustānī classical Indian music from a young age. Music is therefore the backbone of my thesis, inspiring this project so that the design outcome gives an emotional response to users as a beautiful rendition of a rāga would to listeners of Hindustānī classical music..

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