FALEATUA, Andrew Keleva

MMus University of Auckland 2013 Pages: 76

Constructing compositional concepts to exploit contemporary compositions

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Link to Thesis: http://hdl.handle.net/2292/20265

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This research presents a process that involves manipulating contemporary compositions by renowned jazz pianists Aaron Parks, Brad Mehldau, Vijay Iyer and Robert Glasper for compositional purposes. As an art so highly valued within the contemporary jazz practice, original composition is seen as the way forward for modern jazz artists; hence, the cutting-edge albums most released by these composers serves as a basis for this research. The fundamental means to manipulating these compositions involved a process of transcribing pieces and constructing concepts that serve as a means to reproduce desired sounds from within these transcriptions. The significance of this process was that it allowed the researcher to compose pieces that possessed a distinctive sound but contemporary resonance of similar nature to the pieces transcribed without directly mimicking material from them. Such pieces constitute the researcher’s composition portfolio. The ideas and concepts presented throughout this thesis are applicable to others contexts. The success and nature of this project could perhaps inform others as to how they can apply the same techniques or somewhat analogous methods to develop their compositional skills whilst maintaining a sense of individuality.

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