TERRY, Josephine A.

PhD University of Western Sydney 2013 Pages: 352

Implicit learning of complex auditory temporal structures with even and uneven meters

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Link to Thesis: http://researchdirect.uws.edu.au/islandora/object/uws%3A21378/datastream/PDF/download/citation.pdf

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Complex auditory sequences (e.g. speech and music) unfold in time. With exposure, listeners can extract regularities in these sequences and develop expectations about the identity (ordinal dimension) and the timing (temporal dimension) of upcoming events. When upheld, these expectations permit faster, and more accurate responses to events, compared to when expectations of the ordinal and/or temporal dimensions are violated (Brandon, Terry, Stevens, & Tillmann, 2012; Buchner & Steffens, 2001; Nissen & Bullemer, 1987; Shin & Ivry, 2002)...

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