VAN GEENEN, Jurgen Lippold

PhD University of Sydney 2013 Pages:

Formal methods for the design of imitative polyphonic structures

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This thesis defines novel and efficient methods for the design of stacked canons and their use in imitative polyphonic structures. Chapter 1 discusses the development of canon- and fugue-techniques and their connection in stretto-fugues such as found in Bach’s ‘Kunst der Fugue’. Several examples show that larger polyphonic structures are sustainable by a main theme which can appear in many different canons, called stretti. Hence, techniques to effectively design such themes require the availability of efficient techniques for the creation of several types of canons. In search of such techniques, chapter 2 provides a theoretical basis for the remainder of the thesis. An analysis of the established counterpointing and intervallic approaches to the construction of stacked canons shows that these provide limited harmonic control and are computationally complex...

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