KNOPF, Michael

DMA Griffith University 2011 Pages: 136

Illustrating the practice of composing with styles and genres; how a composer uses global, cultural & historical style and genre in creating new music + folio of compositions

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This study generates and examines new compositional work influenced by musical borrowings and styles and genres. The composer’s use of genre highlights what an audience might perceive in the use of any particular genre’s social message.

This paper and the accompanying analyses of new works from this study will focus on content (sourcing the musical idea), process (how synthesis of ideas, styles and genres take place) and the musical and motivational philosophy (the “why” of the composition).

The composer’s reflection through written analyses and auto-ethnographical video recordings on how and why new work is crafted, will provide insights into the cultural influences and the creative spirit of the artistic personality,
thereby illuminating one person’s path for composing in an emergent global community, the context of the work.

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